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5 Things to Think About

5 Things to Think About

5x5 Night presented by emerge West Michigan is a monthly pitch competition designed to spur and support the community of creators.

emerge 5x5 Night engages with community and spreads the culture of entrepreneurship. 


Every month each community member get 5 votes to support their favorite ideas durring the online voting round. The five ideas with the most votes will present for 5 minutes in front of 5 judges for a chance to win $5,000 at the 5x5 Night. 


5x5 gets the community involved in the process of creation, testing and launching ideas. It forces people to be public, and step out of their shells, spurring and supporting a community of creators.


The original 5x5 platform was launched by the Start Garden team and saw great reception and lots of activity. 5x5 Night is now brought back to the community and it is being brought to you by emerge West Michigan with support of the Start Garden team. 


If you are a creator, we need you to go online and submit your ideas. You the community, we need you to go online and support these ideas by going online and voting for them. Also, showing up at 5x5 Night and encouraging the presenters. We are also looking for judges, if you are interested in being a judge we would love for you to participate through membership in emerge 5x5.

For more information on how to involve yourself please email

Please refer back to the homepage for more information regarding the first emerge 5x5 online voting round and first 5x5 Night event.