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About this idea
Reel Free was founded by two brothers inspired to make a change when their grandfather had many scary falls on supplemental oxygen. They created a device originally to help just their grandfather, but after posting a video on linked and receiving 300,000 impressions in less than 1 week, they realized a greater need. With 570,000 falls on supplemental oxygen annually, and 7.7% of Michigan adults with chronic lung disorders. The Reelmate Remote aims to revolutionize oxygen therapy, creating a safer and happier life by providing a motorized, remote-controlled system to manage oxygen tubing. This innovative device holds and unreels 50 feet of standard oxygen tubing, enabling users to move freely around their living spaces without the risk of tripping and falling. A simple one-button remote control makes operation easy, while adjustable retraction speeds cater to varying levels of user mobility.
Reel Free's Reelmate Remote will significantly impact the lives of individuals on supplemental oxygen by reducing fall risks. With 570,000 falls annually leading to ER visits, our device keeps oxygen tubing organized and off the floor, mitigating one of the leading causes of injury for the elderly. By enabling safer movement, it enhances the independence and quality of life for users. Beyond improving individual safety, Reel Free aims to contribute to the growth of Grand Rapids. As a local startup, we are committed to creating jobs and fostering innovation within the community. Our team is composed of two brothers, Austin and Alexander Pollock. Fatima Taha, who grew up in São Paulo, adds a unique perspective with her passion for improving lives. Alex Le, a talented Vietnamese engineering student at Michigan State University, brings critical technical expertise and innovative thinking to our projects. Together, our diverse team is dedicated to advancing oxygen therapy technology, promoting safety, and supporting the local economy. Reel Free’s Reelmate Remote not only addresses a critical healthcare need but also embodies our commitment to community development and technological innovation.
What I'll do with $5,000
With $5,000, we will invest in electrical safety testing to navigate the FDA registration process. This crucial step will ensure our Reelmate Remote meets all regulatory standards, allowing us to bring it to market by the end of this year. By securing FDA registration, we can help individuals in Grand Rapids on supplemental oxygen enhance their safety and mobility, reducing fall risks and improving their quality of life this year.
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