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About this idea
CUE Apparel's unique feature is its patent-pending and trademarked CueLines, designed to offer gentle tactile reminders at specific locations on the skin. These reminders encourage the wearer to engage their core and enhance posture.
Have you ever suffered from neck or back pain? Or, if you're an exercise enthusiast, have you noticed your workouts not being as effective as they could be? CUE Apparel is designed to help you focus on your posture and core strength, leading to the most effective workouts and posture possible. Poor posture habits, often developed while working at computers or using our phones, can weaken core strength. CUE Apparel aims to counteract these effects, promoting a more deliberate approach to exercise, posture, and stability.
What I'll do with $5,000
As a direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce small business, CUE Apparel must increase its visibility. The $5,000 grant from Start Garden will allow CUE Apparel to concentrate on advanced marketing strategies, influencer collaborations, website enhancements, and participation in trade shows, positioning CUE as a leading, competitive brand in core strengthening solutions.
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