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About this idea
Our curated Culture Boxes are filled with quality handpicked natural hair/skin care products and manuals that take some of the work, time, and hassle out of the process of daily hair and skin care for children of Color making the experience less stressful and more user friendly. We conveniently deliver a family oriented cross-cultural experience straight to our customers door.
Over %40 of Children who enter foster care or are adopted are placed in transracial homes. these families desire to provide a welcoming loving space that provides wholistic and inclusive care and sometimes struggle due to the lack of cultural competency, education and experience. our products and services help them. Parents become confident and equipped in hair and skin care for their child of Color and children feel empowered and affirmed.
What I'll do with $5,000
$1,000: E-Commerce Platform $1,000: Marketing $3,000: On product and inventory
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Your Therapeutic Journey Apparel
I'm Rebecca Spann, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Private Practice Owner, Founder of Mental Health Clinicians of Color in Grand Rapids and the Owner of Your Therapeutic Journey Apparel. I have a passion for making sure historically underrepresented communities have access to mental health care and de-stigmatizing mental health. I created Your Therapeutic Journey Apparel to further the message of normalizing mental health care and issues. My audience is both mental health providers and those wanting to advocate for mental health. My teeshirt designs are intentionally unique to start conversations that can inspire people to seek help or to normalize.
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