October 5×5
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October 19, 2021 12:00 am

About this idea
We tested the waters with Dank St. as a ghost kitchen this year and the community response was amazing. The biggest question we received was "When are you going to open more days of the week?" Our solution for this next step in our company is to purchase a food truck/trailer and open next season 5 days/week. Not only will a food trailer allow us to operate more days of the week but it will enable us to take on larger catering bookings & events in the future. We are a farm-to-table restaurant and pride ourselves in the fact that we source our ingredients from local farms & businesses. Purchasing a food truck is the next step on the path to cultivating food diversity in West Michigan & providing high quality food for everyone.
There simply aren't enough options for Vegan & Gluten Free eating in Grand Rapids and we are looking to change that. As the landscape continues to make space for businesses like ours, the interest in healthy/conscious eating continues to grow. The individuals who benefit most from Dank Street expanding service is...well, everybody. Specifically, those who eat plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, anti-inflammatory diets benefit the most as the options for those groups are somewhat limited or hard to find. That being said, we have a growing list of meat-eaters & omnivores who enjoy our food. Our impact on the business community is inspiring other companies/individuals to create healthy plant-based businesses & food options. The impact on us as young entrepreneurs of color is allowing us to live our dream of working for ourselves in an industry that is dear to us, in a way that positively impacts the community & their gut health.
What I'll do with $5,000
The money from 5x5 Night will be applied directly to the cost of a mini trailer to be purchased from One Fat Frog.
About Dexter Marzette

Chef Doe & I (Dex) own Dank St. a vegan & gf, farm to table restaurant. I have 12 years of experience in food service. Chef Doe has been in culinary for 5 years.

Other Entries

Rebecca Spann
Your Therapeutic Journey Apparel
I'm Rebecca Spann, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Private Practice Owner, Founder of Mental Health Clinicians of Color in Grand Rapids and the Owner of Your Therapeutic Journey Apparel. I have a passion for making sure historically underrepresented communities have access to mental health care and de-stigmatizing mental health. I created Your Therapeutic Journey Apparel to further the message of normalizing mental health care and issues. My audience is both mental health providers and those wanting to advocate for mental health. My teeshirt designs are intentionally unique to start conversations that can inspire people to seek help or to normalize.
Darren Riley
JustAir provides local air pollution monitoring solutions to cities to bring greater transparency into the disparities of air quality among our communities.
Ajamu Bernard
Bricks & Sticks: Mobility Training for Men
Most men are in PAIN...But I know the secret to a PAIN-FREE lifestyle. I will share those secrets with my Bricks & Sticks: mobility program.
Creative Art in a time of need!
The pandemic has caused much isolation and anxiety. Art is a great therapeutic way to release internal, creative ideas onto paper or canvas. I wish to provide novice artists of all ages an opportunity to virtually get creative and express their dreams and ideas.