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July 22, 2024 11:59 am

About this idea
-AR games that teach: Maths: Pre-1st Grade to Beyond Higher Education Science: Biology, Physics, Chemistry Electronics: An extensive hardware/software documentation that is free to the public view -Personalized AI to navigate user questions and queries, and will adapt to their learning style through machine learning data provided to the system. Acquired data is free to export, analyze, and modify -Modular design focused Head-Mounted Display Hardware to aid in ease of Development and Repairability
-Students, Teachers, and Parents and Gamers will gain new and fun education avenues for growth -Ease of access to an AI help tool and documented user statistics -Realtime Solo/Co-Op Play for fostering improved Social Interaction and Mental Development -Shifting from traditional institutional learning environments to grow the pool of education as a whole -Heightened benefits of health and wellness through increased mobility when games cater to or require movement and exploration of a set area of play.
What I'll do with $5,000
1000 x Offer to Dr. Szymon Macajewski for creative help in crafting AI logic and gamification standards 500 x Hardware (Glass Aparature Materials for Headset Prototyping) 1500 x Internship [Electronics & Software Technician] (In-Person [Grand Rapids]) 2000 x Internship [Mathematician] (In-Person [Grand Rapids])
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