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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

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Grazers is currently the only women owned, black owned Charcuterie Co. in west Michigan. Our mission is to encourage positive connection through food, hence the purpose of the grazing experience. Owner, Cindy Beresford started Grazers after creating a charcuterie board for her Birthday party, and continued creating them for others after discovering it was something she loved. It started as an incredible creative outlet, and turned into a passion. We also believe in expressing creativity through food which is why we love opportunities to create a beautiful food display for you, and your guests.
We take on the task of creating beautiful food masterpieces through our charcuterie boards, and grazing tables so that you don't have to do the work! Looking for a custom, unique gift? Everyone loves food! Share your ideas with us! We’ll put a charcuterie board together, AND deliver it for you! You’re hosting a corporate event and have an everlasting to do list. Let us take care of the food for you! We don’t only cater, we provide an experience for your guests that they will remember! Our goal is to take care of your catering needs for any sized event! From 1-hundreds, we can create a custom experience for you. All you’ll do is sit, graze, enjoy!
Lo que haré con 5.000 dólares
We currently have a suite where we create our boards and prep the food for our grazing tables. - We will use the money to pay the fees to finish receiving our full catering license that is currently in process -Purchase a commercial fridge, and three basin sink that is required for our suite to be up to code -Invest in required flooring, wall paint, and mop sink We need to purchase these items to be in full compliance with the requirements of Kent county.
About Cindy Beresford

Hello! I am the owner of The Rise Salon, and Grazers Charcuterie Co. here in Grand Rapids.

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