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About this idea
We invest all profits back into our annual event called HustlePrayEat the Conference. HPE is currently planning our 3rd conference based in Grand Rapids where we host business owners, artist and music executives, and leaders of Faith to motivate attendees on how to work smart and creative. Our investment allows for 50+ tickets to be paid for so that youth groups in Grand Rapids to come free of admission. Our total number of attendees so far is 275 and we are seeking to grow in 2023 to host 200 in attendance with 100 sponsored youth.
The view of Leadership is top-down and has little value in the urban core because it implies formal attire and power. It’s exclusive to managers and supervisors so if you want “leadership” you have to get a promotion of sorts. But we know Leadership is a soft skill that everyone should learn and practice daily. Hustle Pray Eat the Conference shows that managing influence, delegating and inspiring others to make a difference is the heart of Leadership. Leveraging this new found leadership can change the lives of families and communities in our city.
What I'll do with $5,000
$2000- Marketing and Advertising - used for Meta Ads, local radio segments. Flyers to hand out. $1000 Full Sponsorships and Partial Sponsorships - 30% of our goal is completed. 35 kids and young adults will have free admission and food covered. $1000 Food - Important for a 3 day conference that at least 2 meals are provided. This will not cover all but a significant start $1000 Media Equipment - purchasing 2 camcorders to capture marketing material, workshops, and speaking sessions for playback abilities.
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