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About this idea
Kickback is a revolutionary new app that connects those who need odd jobs and tasks completed around their home with those who are motivated to complete those odd jobs for some extra cash! So if a homeowner/ consumer has a tedious task they either don't want to complete or just don't have the time for, they can go on the app and post a job with how much they are willing to pay for taskers/ laborers to see! They can see this with a task map that shows them local tasks in the area they can apply to. Homeowners can see their applications look at their reviews and ratings and decide who they want to hire. They work out a time that works out best for them (if not already specified by the task post), the tasker comes to their desired location completes the task, and gets paid! Taskers and those who have simple skills like pressure washing or lawnmowing now have a marketplace of services they can go to and complete tasks to make extra cash! This idea is unlike any of the competition out there, such as Task Rabbit. With Kickback, handymen and taskers come to you, with this approach the consumer has the power to control how much they're willing to pay in a true marketplace style. This approach allows the consumer to say goodbye to paying big corporations huge amounts of money to get services completed. And you might be wondering, how does kickback make money to remain sustainable? We take a small 5% cut to both sides of the transaction. If a homeowner is paying $100 for a task to be completed, they would pay $105, and the tasker would receive $95. A Win-Win situation!
In the current economy, a lot of people struggle with having extra cash due to rent, bills, and everything else life throws their way, Kickback they can earn additional money that they can put towards whatever their heart desires, bills, loans, purchasing their kid's gifts in the upcoming holidays, anything! and on the other hand those who are too busy with life without the time necessary to do tedious tasks around their home like lawnmowing, painting, or almost anything, can go on kickback and post their request! Saving them time and allowing them to support others in the community financially!
What I'll do with $5,000
The money will be able to be used for a strategic marketing plan involving expanding on Nextdoor, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. My strategy is to create ADs on Nextdoor, and Facebook to generate users who post tasks/ requests that they need to be completed. Then outsource to local creators and users on Tiktok and Instagram to be able to have user-generated content about Kickback on there The remaining amount of money will be used for hosting, app upgrades, and improvements.
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