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About this idea
At the age of 9 years old I lost my mother due to an heart attack. I then moved in with my aunt and 5 years later she passed away from breast cancer leaving me and my sister to basically raise ourselves at 15 and 18. It was a difficult start to life. My overall story and journey in life has created a strong desire to be a positive impact in the lives of young girls who have also had a rough start in life. Linda Carol's Kitchen Baking with the Girls would give young girl's the opportunity to learn basic to advanced cake decorating techniques that will be relatable to them. The classes would be facilitated by me and other local bakers who would want to volunteer their time. The plan would be to partner with local organizations who already house at risk youth and offer the class as an activity choice for their youth. The classes will initially be held twice a month with the potential to have them weekly in the future.
The impact is changing a young girl's life through baking, through mentorship, and an opportunity to see first hand how your story can start off rough and turn into something beautiful just like baking and decorating a cake.
What I'll do with $5,000
Five thousand dollars would help with startup cost for the classes. Startup cost would include securing a facility to host the classes in, equipment including stand mixers, turn tables for cake decorating, and many other cake decorating accessories. It would also cover the cost of ingredients, aprons and any licensing that may be required for the class. Five thousand dollars would also help with marketing for the classes and to cover the cost of pay for the other facilitators that are not volunteers.
About April Reed

I am April Reed the owner of Linda Carol’s Kitchen. Linda Carol's Kitchen is a bakery located in the great city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our specialty is cupcakes, and they are perfect for any occasion! Weddings, baby showers, corporate events, birthdays, or just a day to indulge!

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