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About this idea
Livaq seeks to facilitate adventurous experiences with nature, creating a more nuanced understanding of climate change. The Equad (Electric ATV), features a completely new design and re-engineering of the vehicle down to its chasis. This allows us to offer three times the range and double the speed of all of our competitors. This was achieved because of our modular design, and our space frame design, where the main focus is the batteries. Since 2021 we have partnered with four universities from Mexico, and over 20 students between 2021-2022. Our current team consist of 14 students, one chief engineer, and I.
The ATV/UTV is closely related to experiencing nature. Yet a connection between the engineering of the vehicle and the environment has never been formed. Livaq aims to bridge the gap between the riders and nature. The ATV/UTV market its expected to grow to 10.3 Billion dollars by 2027 as our target market has been around 5% of the SAM (83 %), SOM: 341 Million dollars.
What I'll do with $5,000
We have invested $12, 000 USD, which has taken us through the CONCEPT phase and the beginnings of the PROTOTYPING phase. With this $ 5,000 we will be able to finalize two out of the 5 prototypes we are planning to build, bringing us close to completing our next milestone. The $ 5,000 will be used on the following, Battery pack 200 Ah, 72 V $ 2200 4 Suspension shock $ 600 1 Assisted Direction System. $ 250 Completion of the chasis I $ 400 Chasis II $ 1000 Exterior carbon fiber body panels $ 550 The importance of the multiple prototypes lies on the ability to test, improve and redesign our product before its release, as these are key aspects in the off-road vehicle industry.
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