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About this idea
Access to freshly milled, organic, masa and tortillas has become nearly impossible in an age of industrialization and convenience. Yet traditional heirloom corn masa products are highly nutritious, delicious, and sustainable. At Madre, we choose no short cuts and provide a locally grown, nixtamalized, and volcanic stone milled fresh product, honoring an ancestral tradition that has existed and sustained individuals for millenia. Our product consists of three simple ingredients: corn, water, and culinary lime (cal). We never use preservatives and never compromise on delivering a consistently high quality product.
Offering freshly milled, organic, masa and tortillas benefits the whole community. It positively impacts community health, soil and agricultural diversity, supporting organic small farmers in our community, and providing cultural connection for individuals to make their families' traditional masa based dishes at home. Masa and tortillas are about community: nourishing, sharing, preparing, creating, loving.
What I'll do with $5,000
$5,000 will provide us the capital to purchase additional kitchen equipment to scale our production of both fresh masa and tortillas. We are in need of an additional volcanic stone wet mill, as well as a corn tortilla shaper machine that will help us to form more tortillas/hour. Other kitchen equipment needs include larger stainless steel pots for nixtamalizing corn as well as cooling racks for recently made tortillas. We are also in need of funds to launch our website, which will include design and branding services and expenses.
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