5×5 Night-ON THE ROAD at Downtown Market- FOOD BUSINESSES
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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

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Customers will be able to contact us when they are ready to move within a designated distance. They schedule a date and how many totes they will need for their move. The totes are then delivered to the current residence for loading. We are not a moving service. The customer rents the totes for a week or two and is able to load and unload at their convenience. When the totes are unloaded at the new residence, they contact us and we pick the totes up. Moving made simple.
Moving is a pain. Everyone knows that. You have to search for boxes from grocery stores, friends, or worse yet you have to buy them! They are all different sizes and hard to stack when you put them in the truck, if they don't fall apart in the process. Our totes are sturdy, easily stackable, and are uniform size for easy loading. Not to mention what happens to the boxes when you are done? You either hold onto them until another friend moves or you throw them away. What a waste! When using our service, there is zero waste. We pick up the totes, clean them and store them for the next customer. We can keep 50-60 boxes out of landfills every single move (based on a 3 bedroom house move). We are even protecting the environment!
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The breakdown is as follows: $2800 for Re-usable Totes $300 Pressure Washer for cleaning $800 Storage Unit Rental $100 Cleaning Supplies $500 Website Design and Domain $500 Branding Material (Brochures, Road signs, etc)
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