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About this idea
We are a team of 2 brothers who had one goal – relieve the stress each of our wives’ faced while trying to produce enough milk for the newest additions to the family. One of us is a former dessert chef, while the other is an avid cook, so we searched far and wide for a great way to help our wives produce more milk. Once we decided on cookies, we tinkered and tweaked our recipe until it was effective and delicious! After our wives were done breast feeding, we still made cookies for our friends and family who were welcoming babies. We wanted to spread the joy and benefits to even more moms in need, so we tweaked our cookie recipe again, maintaining all the flavor and benefits, to make it easy to prepare at home and thus created Mom’s Treat - a line of premium lactation cookie mixes to help nursing moms produce more milk. A specially formulated blend of all natural ingredients shown to help increase milk production. We offer 3 main flavors: chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, and cherry cordial, as well as seasonal options such as Blueberry Cobbler, Key Lime Pie, and Double Chocolate Chunk.
The impact is 4 fold. First is stress reduction – as men, we had no idea how stressful breast feeding would be for our spouses, near constant worries about producing enough each day to meet the needs of an ever hungrier little bundle of joy. Secondly, baby formula is expensive, but many moms who want to nurse are stuck buying it because they don't produce enough milk on their own. Third, there is a nationwide baby formula shortage, so helping moms produce more of their own milk, and leaving more formula on the shelves can help the shortage. And lastly, science shows that breast feeding is the best option, but many mom's forgo nursing because they aren't producing enough from the start - these cookie mixes can help boost that milk production to higher levels.
What I'll do with $5,000
We will use the $5,000 for a number of things. The first is to design and order branded packaging so our product will stand out online and in stores and ship easily. We will use some of the funds to promote our product on Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google – including partnering with influencers. A portion of the funds will go towards building a user-friendly website. Lastly, we will use a portion of the funds to buy supplies in bulk and get access to a commercial kitchen allowing us to make and sell more cookie mix each year.
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