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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

Sobre esta idea
It is our partners with under-resourced schools to provide music as a core subject for all children and utilizes music education as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation for school, and self-confidence. And furthermore, outside of the school setting, we would like to lend musical courses; both vocal and instrumental to the community at large. We understand that music is the heartbeat of life, and translates into every culture, creed, gender and economic status.
Music education in childhood has been linked to boosts of seven points on IQ scores during childhood (Schellenberg, 2004), and this effect has shown to last beyond high school graduation (Schellenberg, 2006). Kids who play musical instruments are likely to have higher self-esteem, confidence, discipline, concentration, and emotional intelligence than kids who don’t play instruments (Hallam, 2010). However, our goal is not to only educate the child - but any person that desires to express themselves musically and see the world transform into their own positive realities
Lo que haré con 5.000 dólares
The $5000 will be use to acquire the necessary equipment to provide support to our facilitators. We will also use a portion of that to become a resource to the families educated, partnering with local community organizations to assure that all of their needs are met.
About Dion Stamps

A formally trained musician and musical educator, with a commanding knowledge of musical genres expanding from gospel, jazz, classical and modern music. I have a passion for teaching inner city and at risk children, the art and benefits of music. It's healing properties, metrics, role in community and power to change the world at large.

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