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About this idea
MYC portrays the culture that we live in, and to do that for me, is to sample the melting pot of culture and transform that into something tangible that reflects the uniqueness of our time.
I want to represent our culture and use the concept of diversity and the hybrid of our time, so that everyone benefits from MYC. Change is inevitable; life is always changing, and to be a part of a community where I can be in a place where I can be focused, conscious and creative, I can offer people fine art. The potential is infinite when creativity is the business. So far, I've reached half a million people, and have sold clothes all across America from New York to Hawaii, and across the world from France, Spain to Russia. I've reached people from all across the world and all walks of life. I started all this with a $70 printer, a pair of scissors, an app on my phone, and an idea.
What I'll do with $5,000
With the grant, I will use the funds to acquire tools and supplies needed to further reach my potential as an artist/brand. I need tools to make hand-made goods like duffle bags and shoes that require special niche tools that are able to cut and sew materials like leather. I need a professional printer and workstation table for production. I need to bulk up my inventory so that all the clothes arent for preorder only. With help from the grant, it will create enough space for me to make executive moves that will help guarantee the brands success in 2022.
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