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About this idea
Users will be able to buy, sell, rent, and finance properties within the instead instead of physically driving to a location and signing with pen and paper. The entire closing will be conducted on your phone with webcam, audio and digital signing. This will save everybody time and more efficient as no paper will be printed and any mistakes can be spotted immediately and fixed. Users will also be able to use “realtor locator” to help them locate a realtor within a specific location or zip code of their choosing. Users will also be able to list properties within the app and have a “hold” feature to filter out serious buyers to non serious buyers. Users can pay a fee to the lister to hold the property so no one else can see the listing for a given amount of time. The fee payer can see or negotiate with the lister during this time and if interested then proceed to closing. If not interested then they let the time expire. This will give everyone a overall better real experience.
It will save everybody time and more convenience real estate experience. Buyers, sellers, renters, title companies, realtors, anybody looking for property will benefit. As we are transitioning into a more digital society, real estate is outdated and needs to update. By 2030 everyone will be buying, selling, renting, doing everything real estate related digitally with our phones. This will be done by someone. I am trying to start now .
What I'll do with $5,000
With 5k I could possibly build a prototype for visual showing but 5k is not enough for it to be functional and operating.
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