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About this idea
The Reconstruction Silk Collection luxurious natural hair products is a complete 5 step system to healthier natural hair. My favorite hair style was a “silkpress” but once breast cancer hit I could no longer do a silkpress. In my journey I had to reconstruct myself and start over. That’s when the whole RSC idea came to life! I wanted get back to my silkpress and I knew I needed products I can use that will promote growth, strengthen my hair and allow me to rock a curly Afro or a silky silkpress. I wanted to be versatile. Creating a complete system also allows women to feel more confident about what they are putting in their hair. No more using a bunch of different shampoos & conditioners from different brands. No more Different moisturizer, heat protectants, and over paying for different products. The reconstruction silk collection is a natural women one stop shop to get over all healthy natural hair. Rather a silkpress , natural afro or twist out, our products protects your curl pattern while promoting healthier stronger growing natural hair! Our system includes Step1: tea tree & lavender scalp cleanse Step2: silk moisturizing shampoo Step3: silk moisturizing conditioner Step4 : reconstruction silk mask Step5: silk glove protection serum
Being a breast cancer survivor I know what’s it’s like to LOSE.. to lose your hair (your crown of glory), lose your confidence and self esteem. I had to be “reconstructed”. Our products will benefit all women who are ready to reconstruct, love and embrace their natural hair. Our complete 5 step system ensures all women can achieve strong healthy natural growing hair! When your hair looks and feels good so do you! The reconstruction silk collection was created to reconstruct women’s natural hair from curly to straight and vis versa without damaging your natural curl pattern. Our products produce a more confident woman walking in her natural hair journey no matter the Stage she is in! We impact by boosting women’s self esteem, self love, and acceptance, by ensuring them products that work and produce results.
What I'll do with $5,000
With this beneficial grant we will use it to purchase more products for retail, client use and marketing. This grant will allow us to increase social media marketing using popular influencer in the hair industry so that we can introduce and educate more women about “the reconstruction silk collection”. This grant is the first step to get the reconstruction silk collection world wide!
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