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April 22, 2024 11:59 pm

Sobre esta idea
Our custom property listing website builder, think Shopify for real estate listings, allows any real estate agent to quickly create a beautiful website for their client that helps the listing stand out. With our built-in real-time virtual staging feature, potential buyers will have the ability to stage each and every living space, both interior and exterior, to their exact use case. With over 50MM commercial and residential listings transactions every year in North America and Europe alone, our total addressable market is $7.5Bn/year. We are initially targeting vacant residential properties within the United States, of which roughly 600,000 are sold/rented every year, totaling $89MM/year based on our $149 expected price point. Our main customer acquisition channel will be our home-built computer vision powered solution that finds vacant listings on Zillow, finds the listings agent and automatically sends an email to the agent. This process will lower our CAC by well over 40%. While our custom website + AI staging solution development is underway, we are still selling our virtual staging services to bring in cash for further growth through PictureItStaging.com. We've priced the new solution at our current AOV for a seamless transition for our existing customers.
Real estate agents will be able to better market their client's listings, increasing sale price and decreasing time on market. Potential buyers will be better able to picture themselves living in a listing, with the ability to fully personalize the living spaces to exact needs/use-cases.
Lo que haré con 5.000 dólares
1. Expedite development of our fully AI-powered virtual staging solution. Development is currently underway, additional help will allow our MVP to be delivered sooner. 2. Continue to market our existing virtual staging services to bring in cash for further growth using our AI-powered customer acquisition/outreach solution.
About James Hamer

Student entrepreneur with a focus on real estate technology.

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