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About this idea
We Make creating a future we can be proud of fun! It is our mission to make taking environmental action fun and exciting in 3 easy ways: 1. Empowering you 2. Promoting Local Evolvement 3. Awesome Eco Friendly Products
Environmental Impact from our everyday products are reeking havoc on our planet, reVigor Marketplace is part of the solution through empowering action and responsibility.
What I'll do with $5,000
$500- A/B Testing to find most effective product-market fit (verify the target market and what local products they resonate with most) $1500-Branding Assets (will be made using local graphic designers, could be done cheap on platforms like fiver but our mission is to keep as much money local as possible.) $2000-Website Design (wordpress custom MVP) $1000- Marketing Campaigns. (focus on local channels) These expenses will not only get use off the ground but allow the recognition to move into more markets and and have the scale to justify building a custom ecommerce platform.
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