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About this idea
Because of the special circumstances of the target clientele of HairLOVE ML seeks to work with local donors, sponsors, schools, nonprofits, etc. to develop creative ways to offer services, education and supplies at low to zero cost to individuals and families.  Because of the mobility of HairLOVE ML services can be provided in various spaces including but not limited to:  *Community Events *After School Enrichment Activities and Programs *TradeShow Events * Homeless shelters *Foster Homes * A Reward Visit(ex. Kid gets 3 A's in school and teacher refers student for a beauty experience.
HairLOVE ML has already researched the need for this type of inclusive service through existing relationships with teachers, counselors, leaders and nonprofits.  There are currently some "Hygiene Closets" within school buildings, community centers etc. that are trying to meet the needs of families but are truly limited in the services they can provide. HairLOVE ML can fill this gap. Rather it's students who may be facing self-esteem issues or potential bullying due to poor hygiene or and individual who needs personal care as they prepare for an upcoming job interview, HairLOVE can help them show up they're best self on the outside which will penetrate into they're minds and hearts. 
What I'll do with $5,000
I am currently seeking funds to bring this idea into fruition.  An investment today will help me in purchasing and refurbishing RV into a Mobile Beauty Unit. Winning the funds will also assist me with Start-up inventory / supplies, Cost for the purchase of equipment (Hand dryers, comps, hair washing kits, and towels et al) , The cost for the purchase of furniture and gadgets (Computers, Printers, Telephone, TVs, Credit card machine, POS, tables and chairs etc. I would also be able to purchase items need to set up "Hygiene Closet," inside of Mobile Unit. We are looking to offer the Full Beauty Experience from head to toe. Full Service inside of the Mobile unit just like it would be at a traditional salon setting.
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