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About this idea
TOP 5 BASKETBALL is ran by Malik Mayfield and Arsenio Arrington. Top 5 is ultimately for youth and young Athletes. Giving them an outlet to display their talents, without the pressure of having a coach, parents, or whomever. Providing them with highlights and social media recognition, along with working with GRTV to get them played on television. Pushing them to chase their dreams of one day playing at the professional level, and being on tv. Top Five Basketball (TFB) is currently FREE men’s basketball league designed for elite talent targeting those who have played at high competitive levels, including at the collegiate and professional levels. TFB comprises eight (8) teams with seven (7) players on each team. The season lasts six (6) weeks with games scheduled tri-weekly. Hosting multiple Photographers, Videographers at every game, giving them a space to work and perfect their craft of art as well. Top Five is looking to begin their women's league as well as their high school level league.
The impact of Top Five will be the change of basketball for the city of Grand Rapids. We believe as we continue to grow, TFB will a league known for helping Athletes of all levels, reach their goal of playing at the next level. TFB will give young athletes the platform to make a name early for themselves, giving high school Athletes the ability to be recruited another way. Doing the same for Men and Women. In doing this, we are bringing community, competitive fun ton our city of Grand Rapids.
What I'll do with $5,000
With the $5,000, Top 5 would do a various of things. We would first get League Uniforms, as of right now Athletes come as they are. We want this to be official and more professional. Secondly, we don't have official referees currently, an as we want it to make it professional, Real official refs are needed and will have to be paid. Along with Facilities and concessions as we have games open to the community. Lastly, We would use it to continue to grow the league. As we have 8 teams, we currently are looking to start season 2 soon. We have a lot of players wanting to join the league, We would use it expand more.
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