Wendy DaCruz

After more than a decade together, the husband-and-wife duo joke that the biggest spats they’ve had as a couple centered around food because of their very different taste palettes. That’s before Wendy, who initially didn’t like mushrooms in a twist of events, inspired the first meat alternative made from mushroom recipe, Cruz Burgers, and Dominique perfected it.

Founded in the midst of a global pandemic, the shift into a more plant-based diet began during a normal yearly Daniel’s fast where the family removed meat from their diet temporarily. But after reading about outbreaks in meat packing plants, scarcity of supply and an increase of compromised immune systems, they decided to turn the fast into a lifestyle and share their mushroom based meat recipe with the world to help address these health issues.

Now, their mission is to produce meat alternatives made from mushrooms to create a world where food miracles are possible for all people.
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The Mushroom Angel Company
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