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1st Micro Greenery

1st Micro Greenery

Farmer Jeff Mays 137 Views

I think what’s most important to me is that the “1st Micro Greenery” is providing Fresh Hyperlocal Living Greens and Value Added Healthy Products in a Food Safe Sustainable manner while trying to create many New Ag Jobs & Ag Business for the community . I think what sets us apart from the competitors is that our products are sold as Living Greens grown in a sustainable manner with LED Lighting . No Road Blocks


I think the community will benefit the most, because “1st Micro Greenery” will create many New Ag Jobs & Ag Business in a sustainable Food Safe manner for Local Residents and my research shows that GR consumers and Businesses really want to Buy Fresh Hyperlocal Living Greens Year round, but there really hard to find douring the Winter months .

What I Will Do With $5,000

We would use the $5,000 Dollar Grant to help us Purchase a Golf Cart Delivery Vehicle to make it easier for us to supply local restaurants , while creating Hyperlocal Ag Jobs that will turn into Ag Business for Local residents .

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About Farmer Jeff Mays

I am a Florida Farmer that moved to MI. for all of the Awesome People, Free Help Organizationthat , Maker Spaces and Networking Events that have been connecting me with people and resource to help me commercialize my Hydro Ag Systems and Ideas . Gotta Love MI. and my First Awesome Connection GVSU Sprout Lab Lady Julie Cowie

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