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3…2…1 Crafting Made a Helluva Lot Easier

3…2…1 Crafting Made a Helluva Lot Easier

Monique Evans 145 Views
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About Idea

wasn’t until recently that my hands—which are my most important tool in my craft—started cramping up. When I looked at available gloves with therapeutic qualities sold through medical device companies—I quickly realized there wasn’t something that fit my sense of style or complimented my craft.
So, I put my home ec skills to use and started sewing a prototype. And it works.Its Design(APPROVED) and Utility(PATENT PENDING). I wanted something that could be useful not just for myself.


Over 180 million American workers use repetitive hand motion. nearly 8 million Americans (mostly women) who suffer from pain due to repetitive hand motion or carpal tunnel syndrome. These are people whose work depends on their hands—like computer programmers, seamstresses, musicians, manufacturers, scientists, and cosmetologist.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Purchase materials and equipment to produce the glove
Perfect the prototype
Marketing and sales strategy towards
Outsourcing through the internet like social media(hiring organic popular influencers), cold calling 800 companies a month, door to door, ads in papers/magazines and trade shows

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About Monique Evans

A mother first and foremost, as well as a hair stylist for 15 years, a tax preparer, and a graphic designer. As well as I love drawing which I've been doing since I was a foster child.

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