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“50 States: Veterans + Artists United” Project Tour

“50 States: Veterans + Artists United” Project Tour

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My wife and I are traveling the country in our Airstream trailer on behalf of locally-based nonprofit [HAS HEART] to partner a local Veteran with a graphic designer in each state with the mission to share each Veteran’s inspiring story through the mediums of art, design, and fashion. Each state project yields a graphic design that gets produced into a t-shirt and embroidered patch, an online video, and a written story with behind-the-scenes photos of their powerful creative process. At the end of the tour, we’ll compile all fifty designs, stories, and travels into a coffee table book, documentary film, and traveling art museum exhibit in order to build awareness and bridge the divide between the veteran and civilian worlds across the country.

We’ve successfully fundraised enough to get the tour started in July 2017 through grants, donations, and brand sponsorships but are now in the process of raising the final funding needed to complete our nationwide mission by the end of 2019.


Veterans and their families will benefit first and foremost. We’ve been repeatedly told by our Veteran participants that this creative process has had a greater impact on them than years of therapy. The second immediate impact is felt throughout the creative community participating in each project. The third and largest impact will be had on Americans of all ages and demographics who will walk away with a better understanding and a new perspective once the completed project assets are launched.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will be utilized to create unique touch-points of our working tour. Our lean budget has been mainly focused on the project essentials which means we haven’t been able to print, promote, or pay for the strategy and tactics we need to utilize in order to attract additional supporters, donors, and customers to our site and social media accounts. These funds will enable us to begin building awareness of the meaningful work we’ve been creating with our Veteran and creative participants.

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About Tyler Way

My goal is to utilize my time, talents, and resources to serve others by designing meaningful products and creating impactful campaigns. Since July 2017, I've been living and working on the road with my wife and cat conducting the "50 States: Veterans + Artists United" tour for [HAS HEART]. I was previously a footwear designer for an international brand and have created artwork for LeBron James, Chris Paul, Phil Knight, and others utilizing a pointillism style I developed in college at GVSU.

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