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51 Bravo Custom Knives

51 Bravo Custom Knives

Shawn Moulenbelt 371 Views

I have been making knives for three years. I recently was fortunate enough to appear on a television Knife making competition called forged in fire. There are not many other makers out there with that distinction. My biggest obstacle is gaining enough business to be able to do this full-time


Honestly myself and my family benefit from this idea! I am a builder and will be 53 years old this year. It is becoming obvious that this physical work is not sustainable the older I get. So I would love to be able to transitionInto a trade that I truly love to support myself and family

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would buy a large piece of equipment called a forge press. This will allow me to make a multi layered steel called Damascus. Knives made with Damascus are easily worth twice what the same knife made with mono steel is. Making Damascus knives will almost double my revenue while only partially adding to my production requirements.

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About Shawn Moulenbelt

I am a 52 year old Army veteran and residential builder/remodeler. I’ve been married for 26 years and have 3 daughters. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and being with family and friends. I truly enjoy making things with my hands. I also enjoy teaching/training others to do so as well. Especially young people. Being able to use your hands is a dying trait. I also do a yearly scholarship to help local high schoolers attend a trade school.

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