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A home for Zeal Aerial Fitness

A home for Zeal Aerial Fitness

Christina Vandam 322 Views

About Idea

Zeal has continued to grow since we opened our doors in 2018.  Our studio is continuing to attract new customers and our classes are at max capacity.  With the winnings, we will move into a new studio space and add additional apparatus to accommodate larger class sizes. 

We will also train and hire new teachers.  One of Zeal’s goals is to bring in teachers from diverse backgrounds to teach classes in their native languages.  Language should never be a barrier to fitness.

COIVD taught us that our space is incredible important to the community.  Sadly, many boutique fitness places closed around the country and we were lucky enough to be able to survive the pandemic.  Now, with restrictions slowly being lifted, our space is not able to meet the demand of the community.  The space we need for growth is incredibly unique, and we have been searching for it for a while.  The additional funds would help us move into the next bracket of properties that would be available for us.


With the additional space, we will be able to offer more classes to more clients. Our type of fitness is unique as we are the only facility in Grand Rapids doing it.  Our goal is to sustain Zeal and create it as a staple in the community. Our form of fitness benefits those who struggle with finding where they belong in the fitness world. The community we have cultivated already is inviting to all, but we can and will do better in regards to underserved populations who speak different languages.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Since our use of space is so specific, we need to make sure that our future space fits our needs.  The money will be used towards our permanent home as a set establishment in Grand Rapids.  With the winnings, we will create our perfect space. 
$16,000 - Rigging -  Our space needs to be rigged and inspected by professionals outside of Grand Rapids (since there aren’t any locally) for safety.
The remaining money will be used for a buildout of the space.

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About Christina Vandam

Christina began Zeal in 2018 after discovering there was not an aerial fitness experience in West Michigan. Zeal offers alternative fitness classes and private experiences in pole, silk or hoop workouts. Our goal is to help individuals find a new version of themselves, physically and mentally, in a safe and supportive community. Zeal is committed to helping change the stigma and stereotypes around pole and aerial fitness in a safe, inclusive environment.

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