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A2-Ergonomic Ambulation Assist

A2-Ergonomic Ambulation Assist

Rose Rohloff 360 Views

Preventing falls sideways & backward, in tight spaces; inability to get up from std. walker seats; & unable to break when falling-those who need most have other issues e.g weak from stroke/rheumatoid arthritis. I reviewed CAD drawings & alpha PVC model with:
• Leading neurosurgeon at Neurological Hospital; • Head of rehab at Neurological Hospital with a new robotics unit; • Heads of rehab at the Phoenix VA (no one has ever asked them what THEY want before I had asked them!); • A bio-engineer who is expert in prosthetics; • Aerospace engineers
A provisional patent is obtained. A manufacturer is interested in building in GR.  Market analysis done & this has 6 differentiators.
Walkers out there are variations on the basic designs from 60 yrs ago. This product more ergonomic, addressing use with the natural body’s movement & kinetic energy. Market strategy is alignment with retired military who are disabled veterans to get into VA & DoD, use with elderly, then children with CP.


Initial focus is rehab use for veterans-wounded warriors; as well, back surgery, amputees; then move to general public elderly with RA/stroke. As well, increased nursing shortages, only one nurse/aide available to assist ambulation of new surgical patients. Home hospitals/long term care will cont. to expand, often not able to be monitored 24/7 so they need more stability to prevent ortho-neuro surgeries avg $30k$75k, let alone mental strain, loss of work of family, & rehabilitation costs.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5K will be used to build proof-of-concept model for testing with patients, real world use cases. The build will be combination of aluminum, steel, and 3D printing of plastic with metal fibers to be lightweight and durable. Engineering will be required to complete 3D models for build specifications according to ISO standards.

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About Rose Rohloff

38 yr healthcare veteran, RN at 19-Charge nurse at 20; vendors creating industry leading software; consultant on $MM health system re-engineering; speaker; patient champion. 1st to integrate healthcare staffing w/budgeting mid1990s, 1st comprehensive peri-operative BI suite in the industry with new data standards BI Columnist for HFMA, authored for BECKER’S Hospital Review, Healthleaders, HFMA-hfm Defined Population Health 2015, inclusive of Patient Engagement (prior to CMS)

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