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This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in May 2018

About Idea

Abeshi FYAH Truck is going to be a food truck serving authentic West African cuisine. It is exciting for downtown Muskegon because there is nothing like it and we hope to bring something new and exciting to the area that can allow people to learn about another culture through food. Another exciting aspect of this project is the owner, Tacitus, brings energy and much needed diversity to the downtown area as a young entrepreneur. Abeshi is different from other competitors because we are bringing Grandma’s secret recipes from West Africa, which nobody is doing in Muskegon right now. Grandma’s recipes include healthy and rich soups and stews accompanied by rice or corn and various proteins, including vegan options. At this point our only road block is securing enough financial backing to purchase our own food truck so we can make our dream a reality. We plan to get around this road block by continuing to promote Abeshi in the downtown community and continue the momentum we already have.


This idea will benefit patrons of the downtown Muskegon area, including business people, community members, and tourists. Another goal of ours is to promote diversity and inclusion by attracting a diverse clientele to the downtown area and showing that Muskegon is ready to embrace those from every corner of our community. We already have a huge following of customers that have promised to frequent our establishment, so we feel there is a real potential for great and lucrative success.

What I Will Do With $5,000

This funding would go directly toward the purchase of our food truck. Our goal is to open by the fall of 2018.

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About Tacitus

I am a family man who traveled to the USA from Ghana in 2014 with my wife. We now have one beautiful son who is 3 years old. I grew up hustling on the street in Accra after my mom and grandma passed away. I started working as an urban street photographer at the age of 18, trying to pursue my best life. After finding my new home in Muskegon, I have found my passion in sharing my culture through food and art, which I hope to continue through the Abeshi FYAH Truck!