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Action Photography At Your Finger Tips

Action Photography At Your Finger Tips

Sam Cooper 152 Views

I have a passion for sports photography, and I want to help parents and athletes get the memories they want, in the medium they want. By using today’s digital DSLRs and wireless technology, images I capture can be viewed and purchased right from parents, teams, or athletes’ phones!

Unlike my direct competitors, my customers aren’t limited to just one medium, or having to wait days to receive their photos. Customers can have their images printed and framed at the event or can choose a digital download for quick posting to social media or for a digital photobook! In a rush? Images stay available for purchase online after the event is done and we’ve packed up. Prints can be delivered to the customers door within a few days of ordering.

Forget to charge your phone? I provide large, touchscreen kiosks for browsing and purchasing. With the majority browsing on their phones, there won’t be any lines!


Parents and event organizers are the biggest winners here. Parents get the benefit high quality photos in a medium convenient for them without having to spend the event looking at their phone cameras. For the organizer, I aim to take a lot of worry about photography out of their hands. I bring my own infrastructure. By providing the shopping experience on their phones, the need for many kiosks is reduced, allowing me to take up less precious space at the event.

What I Will Do With $5,000

This process requires many technologies in one place. Camera bodies with fast WiFi transfers, lenses to reach all parts of the fields, computers to receive and store the photos, 4G connection to deliver the photos to phones, kiosks and printers for quick on-site delivery, tables and signage for the event work area and most importantly, hard shell cases to keep all of this safe in transport between events. This grant would allow me to begin to purchase this equipment and start delivering photos.

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