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Adding Glory to your story

Adding Glory to your story

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The most exciting part about my idea is that I am able to give back to others and satisfy other wants and needs when it comes to beauty care products This idea is inspired by my mom,who is a cancer survivor. My company mission is to support women of all ages,sizes and races who have battled or is battling cancer. I’ve decided to launch a business that sells hair extensions ,hair products and lashes and the money made from selling these amazing products goes towards donating a free custom wig made by yours truly to a cancer patient or survivor . A road block that may occur is not being able to support as many cancer patients/survivors as I would like each year but bringing awareness to my company will make that road block a stepping stone instead and . I am Letting survivors who have lost hair know although you are beautiful with or without hair we are able to help make the process go smoothly and exciting for you. Hair is a women’s glory so why not add some to your story .


Customers ,Cancer patients and survivors benefits most from my idea. Customers will gain the best customer service experience and quality hair extensions while helping me provide for cancer patients and survivors . The more awareness we bring to this company the more people we will attract whether it be from purchasing or sending survivors/patients my way.My company has the ability and potential to

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will use this amazing award to purchase marketing materials such as cards and brochures to bring more awareness to my company, donate more custom wigs to cancer patients and survivors, partner with a cancer treatment facility and start up events where cancer patients and survivors can come get their hair,nails and make-up done by a licensed cosmetologist and other volunteers. I will also put something aside to help with my photoshoot and commercial of testimonials.

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