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Farmers will be able to source workers across the country!
Farmers will be able to notify their labor of changes in crop conditions on the fly, and market their farm to attract labor.
Farmworkers will be able to maximize the money they earn, by continuing to work between seasons. They will have also have access to the help and resources they need to continue working, while staying connected to the local communities they’re working in.
Support agencies will be able to maximize limited funds, by being more strategic with their outreach efforts. They will be able to send instant notifications to their mobile clients advising them of available health, legal, and educational services.

AgHelp will be the country’s first mobile platform to connect farmers, workers, and support agencies. Some roadblocks will be the cost to develop AgHelp on Android, and the ongoing maintenance and hosing fees, which we’ve addressed through our structured job posting fee.


Farmworkers, who earn on average $10k to $17k per year, will be able to earn wages that will help them become self-sufficient.
Farmworkers will feel more safe and secure traveling across the country, or within Michigan, knowing that access to the most basic needs, like education, health, is at their fingertips.
Farmers will benefit from knowing that the fresh fruit and vegetables, we enjoy every day, will be harvested, and not left to rot in their fields.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The 5k dollars will be used to pay for the fees associated with publishing AgHelp, hosting fees for our webpage, trademarking our logo, equipment, and marketing material to use at national conferences.

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About Feliciano Paredes

I was born in San Antonio Texas. I traveled with my family to Michigan every year, until the age of 18, picking crops in: Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Ohio, and Michigan. I've spent the last 15 years working in the public and private sector helping Michigan's farmworkers. I've been working with a Xiaomei Huang, a Computer Information System Graduate student at Grand Valley State University, to help develop AgHelp

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