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AgileCare Solutions

AgileCare Solutions

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“With rapid population aging comes dramatic increases in long-term chronic conditions, dementia and the need for home care. People want to live in their own homes as long as possible, family caregivers need help, and success is contingent on a high-quality eldercare workforce with good communication among all members of the care team.
AgileCare Solutions represents a quantum leap forward for basic caregiver communication needs. It promises to bring hand-written communication logs into the digital age, allow home care workers to share vital information and best practices, and increase knowledge of the client’s life, values, and preferences so that relationships can be built and person-centered care provided. Such communication improvements can divert costly adverse events and improve quality of care and life. The AgileCare Solutions platform is an important new tool that has the potential for a profound impact on long-term care delivery, cost, and outcomes.”


When a challenging, high-stress job meets low pay, limited training, and few advancement opportunities, supply does not equal demand. By 2020, Michigan will face a shortage of 32,000 caregivers. The reality of this situation is that many seniors who need care will not be able to receive it. AgileCare builds software solutions that help caregivers keep their patients in their own home and out of the hospital for as long as they possibly can and maximize the value of care that they can provide.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our next step in the development process is to build a mobile application. The $5,000 will be used to hire a Xamarin developer to develop our iOS and Android applications at the same time. These applications will allow us to drastically increase the level of experience. Additionally, these applications will help us to better comply with HIPAA Regulations when working with home health agencies and assisted and independent living facilities.

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