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The AGB platform will highlight the best farming practices with the best farming equipment—creating a sustainable business revenue by connecting advertisers of specific equipment to specific communities of agriculture who use that equipment in their operations. 

Farming participants will gain esteem and perks for detailing their small scale operation schemes and equipment use—becoming mentors for new farming wanted to start thier journey in the agriculture industry.

In this way Advertisers will see Agrowbase as the predominate way to research, connect with, and cater to, specific fields of small scale farmers.  And small scale farmers will find a unique business resource for new exciting techniques and estimating the cost of starting new operations—as well as refined advice on how to get started.


There will be greater need to connect local communities of agriculture online to meeting growing food and medicinal needs.  Increased internet infrastructure in rural areas; high oil prices making it more expensive to ship food; younger generations of farmers, searching for a niche and gaining a competitive edge.  An agricultural database that can automate marketing for farmers, and provide mentor-ship for the diverse communities of agriculture will become essential.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will use the $5,000 to hire an expert programmer to work with me to flesh out working software architecture in Ruby on Rails.  The key deliverable being a simple website that farmers   generate steps and techniques of distinct farm operations and associating them with equipment.  If successful it will be possible to organize a user generated database similar to  Users will earn merits by detailing operations methods which they can use on monthly platform perks.

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I'm a product designer with 6 years experience. I am an integrative thinker who enjoys framing complex problems, developing creative strategies, uncovering market insights, and working collaboratively to solve challenging problems. I am seeking opportunities to contribute in meaningful product design and business development projects.

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