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Alien Books

Alien Books

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By the year 2060, 50% of the babies born in the US will be from multicultural or mixed-race families. Currently, the number of people claiming multicultural status is growing at 5 times the rate of the population. The cultural landscape of the country is changing rapidly.
Alien Books is a combination of educational material and interactive website suitable for both individual children or classrooms which brings an interesting and fun way of introducing children ages 4-preteen to the unique cultures in world around them. Children travel the globe with Wilbur,a visiting alien from another world, completing missions helping them learn, better understand, and communicate with different people on planet Earth.
To succeed in school, at work,building their career,living in their neighborhoods and even within their own families, our children will need the ability to communicate effectively with people from all cultures and walks of life.
And roadblocks are just another word for stepping stones


Our country, great as it is, is too often hampered by racial and cultural divides much of which is due to ignorance and poor communication learned at an early age.
In practical and interactive ways,Alien Books helps children discover different cultures and peoples around the world and then teaches them to effectively communicate what they have learned with others. In some small way,maybe Alien Books can help make a difference in a child’s life.
And the books say it can be very profitable as well

What I Will Do With $5,000

Alien Books can start off like a snail or a roadrunner. It really boils down to $5K. Printing the workbooks is our largest initial cost. To launch Alien Books at a reasonable price point to the consumer (about 60% difference), a minimum of 5,000 copies must be ordered. That price is $4,982 with shipping. This will also fulfill our 1st years profit/loss plan perfectly. So, if awarded this money, it will be earmarked for printing only. The remaining $18 will be saved for the next printing order.

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About Dan Borgmann

I am a proud single father of a 14 boy who is attending Grand Haven High School. We moved to Michigan a couple years ago from Colorado. I have a couple of degrees in Aeronautical Science hanging on the wall, however, my passion has always been entrepreneurial. I have owned several businesses including chocolates, magazines, marketing, and radio. Currently I am the News voice for WGHN FM 92.1. My 'idea', Alien Books, was born out of my desire to build a stronger bond between my son and I.

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