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Almost Gods

Almost Gods

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Almost Gods is the only luxury unisex streetwear company in the Indian market, giving a voice and identity to a market that is all too often overlooked in the global conversation. Almost Gods was created to explore the intersection between streetwear and art, aiming to shatter stereotypes, celebrate diversity and equality, and redefine the global perception of the Indian streetwear market while designing for an international market. We strive to put part of ourselves into creating pieces that push boundaries, question the unquestionable, and embrace the unnatural, yet for us our pieces are never the end product. Our pieces are merely a vessel through which to promote the spirit of creativity and the necessity of independent thought that we see everyday in India and abroad. Our pieces revolve around the concept of minimalistic maximalism, the integration of the new and the old, and the subtle celebration of heritage and breaking boundaries while designing for an international market.


We’ve built Almost Gods to challenge antiquated and homogenized ideology,  encourage the expression of unconstrained thinking, and promote self-love. We hope to inspire others to break free of the traditional molds that societal expectations create, let go of the fear that breeds stagnation, and embrace unconventional paths towards self-fulfillment. Our aim is to create a lasting positive impact in the lives of the people we engage with through the promotion of alternative thinking.

What I Will Do With $5,000

If we were fortunate enough to receive funding, we would allocate the funds exclusively towards creating our next product line (including researching unique material manufacturing methods, sourcing materials, and creating initial samples of our second product line of 16 pieces), and building out compelling visual content from the new line in order to better communicate our vision. We believe that launching our second line will gain us the traction needed to expand our ideas.

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About Kobi Walsh

I am a 23 year old entrepreneur who has found his passion in challenging antiquated ideologies and promoting independent thought through creative mediums. Since graduating last year in cognitive and brain science and entrepreneurial leadership, I have founded 2 companies, the first Almost Gods, and the second a contemporary art gallery focusing on promoting virtual and augmented reality as a viable artistic medium of expression.

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