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Amber’s Shine Household and Commercial Cleaning Service

Amber’s Shine Household and Commercial Cleaning Service

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Juicy details about Amber’s Shine is that this company Benefits more from helping it’s clients, where as other companies benefit more in their profit. The most exciting thing about Amber’s shine is it’s companies passion for providing the best service and experience for it’s clients. The difference is We specialize in extraordinary customer service, while we ensure on giving the best experience for our clients by focusing on their needs, putting emphasis on details, and transforming a good space into a great one. A road block that I’ve come across is the difficulty of media and commercial promoting, however I have been promoting with social media, printing flyers, and business cards at local businesses.


The impact of Amber’s Shine is to promote a healthy and safe living and work environment. The people that benefit from Amber’s Shine are senior citizens, the disabled, and those with busy lifestyles and limited time. By creating a clean space it alleviates the client from stress and burden of coming home or to work in an unclean facility or dwelling place. The potential is that the company has room for growth, to have a staff that can service people in need and can expand to a broader region.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The 5,000 will go towards establishing my business as a Limited Liability Company. Media and commercial promotions while traveling to residents and businesses. Investing in the quality of cleaning supplies, and equipment. My plan with business and commercial contracts is to invest in equipment that can be securely housed on sites.

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