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Ambrose - A Collaborative Design & Print Lab

Ambrose - A Collaborative Design & Print Lab

Adam Weiler 5205 Views
This idea was a winner! Adam Weiler was awarded $5,000 in March 2012

About Idea

Our journey started in 2008 when six high school students were posed the question, “What do you want to learn, and how do you want to learn it?”

Their response was brilliant - a place to get their hands messy, a place to learn from passionate & experienced people, a place to be creative and encouraged to try new things. So that’s what we set out to make. Over the last four years we’ve been meeting in various spaces across Holland with a team of volunteers and a growing group of students.

During that time we noticed something - adults wanted to be a part of our community just as much as students.

We want to bring this culture of curiosity, experimentation, and creativity to a larger audience by creating a collaborative design & print lab where professionals can work by day and students (regardless of age) can engage in creative pursuits and career exploration at night.


For creative professionals it offers a tactile coworking environment with access to letterpress and screen printing equipment.

For students it offers a weekly community that explores careers in fine and applied arts through hands on workshops in illustration, typography, photography, graphic design, product design, etc.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5000 we would outfit this new lab with a variety of printmaking equipment.

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