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We will be an Internet based, for pay, streaming video service that provides US based artists and photographers a FREE world wide platform with which to display and sell their creations.

The “service”, for a minimal monthly subscription fee, will provide art lovers world wide the ability to view, and retain “Galleries”, and purchase proprietary, previously unseen “works of art” directly from the artists with no middle man involved. The only requirement for the art lover is a HD or 4K UHD flat screen TV and Internet access.

There are only 2 road blocks at present: Number 1,  equipment up-grades to make us fully 4K compliant. Once completed, this will open the doors to us for high end investor groups who have already expressed interest in our venture.

And number 2: This is “Uncharted Territory”. Our only competition is Samsung with “The Frame” TV ($1800 and up) and Apple TV. You must purchase their systems in order to access their limited art “Galleries”. Monthly fees MUCH HIGHER!


For the artists it will provide a continuous source of residual income. We will also be setting aside a set percentage of the profits for art based scholarships on a yearly basis.

For art lovers around the world it will provide them with a dynamic continuously changing source of fine art and photography that they can “view, retain or purchase” at unheard of low pricing via our subscription based streaming video service.

This is an opportunity to support artists and art lovers alike world wide!

What I Will Do With $5,000

The monies will be used solely to replace the main custom built multi-media editing computer, replace all 3 present editing monitors with “Technicolor certified” HD monitors and replace the present ” Pen, Tablet, Monitor” with a fully 4K compliant color corrected 24” to 27” unit.

The above changes will not only make us totally 4K compliant but also will allow us to remain competitive for several years to come.

Note: Present editing software is fully 4K compatible, no upgrades required!

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About Jacques P. Fontaine

I am a 72 years young "Starving Artist" located in Wisconsin. I live with my beautiful wife of almost 50 years in the Kettle Moraine area west of Milwaukee. I was about to restart my art career a couple of years ago when the same nagging problems raised their head as they did nearly 50 years prior. The "Starving Artist" syndrome! Enough is enough! Its time to do something about it! This is no longer one artists fight, we need to guide and support each other so "AmericanArt Masters" was born!

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