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Ammonitrix - Security, The Right Way

Ammonitrix - Security, The Right Way

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While other cyber security service providers are focused on selling packages and add-ons, Ammonitrix offers one service with one quality we all want (and need): the best of everything. Traditional anti virus software works by detecting malicious activity, identifying where it is coming from, and shutting it down. Some offer add-ons, like Browser Extension Removers or VPN Tunnels, but often for an extra price. Very rarely do they go as far as to cover mobile devices.

Ammonitrix provides anti virus, junk removal, administrative capabilities, real-time monitoring, real-time tracking and parental controls. The best part is that they all work together to form the ultimate barrier to protect your devices —and your children, students, employees and intellectual property—  from clever hackers and scammers.

In 2015, over 5 billion identities were stolen. Putting an end to cyber crime is not our goal… at least right now. Our goal is to protect you and your assets.


More than 430 million new, unique pieces of malware were discovered in
2015, up 36% from the year before. Perhaps what is most remarkable
is that these numbers no longer surprise us. As real life and online become
indistinguishable from each other, cyber crime has become a part of our daily
lives. Attacks against businesses and nations hit the headlines with such
regularity that we become numb to the sheer volume and acceleration of
cyber threats. But what about when it happens to you?

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5,000, we will purchase the servers needed to launch a beta test with 10 families, 1 school system, and 5 small businesses. We will also pay Apple and Google to publish the Ammonitrix apps to the Apple & Android Google Play stores for convenience, as well as AT&T for the special tier internet access we need at our location. Lastly, we will begin looking for more employees to both market and improve the Ammonitrix platform. Ammonitrix would open to the public by March 1, 2017.

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About Tim Powell

My name is Tim Powell, and as the Founder & CEO of Powell Labs, I have been passionate about technology, Internet, and business for my entire life. Internet technology is a focal area of my expertise, with extensive knowledge of networking, security and optimization. I've had the honor of participating in a 5X5 Night series before, and have attended Startup Weekend GR 2016. I've also been privileged to work with the Michigan SBDC on their Small Business, Big Threat cyber security initiative!

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