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Ammonitrix, the world’s first cyber security platform

Ammonitrix, the world’s first cyber security platform

Tim Powell 439 Views

Currently there are no other direct competitors in the market. Indirect competition consists of antivirus companies, parental control tools, and digital security solution providers. While these competitors may provide one or two similar services that Ammonitrix does, they charge much more than Ammonitrix. Ammonitrix has six core services provided: antivirus, VPN, deep packet inspection, administrative utilities, constant tracking, and mobile device management. Ammonitrix is a cyber security platform because it does much more than install a piece of software and hope that it “works”. Ammonitrix brings cyber security to the next level, providing multiple layers of security, including a constantly-connected VPN, automated file backups, constant virus monitoring, deep packet inspection of VPN traffic and even traffic mining. Instead of just removing viruses, Ammonitrix prevents them from being installed, and when something does happen, tracks it and shuts it down from every angle.


Throughout the world, cyber crime has never occurred as much as it does today. The Federal Trades Commission estimates that approximately 25,000 U.S. identities are stolen every day. 2016 has been the hottest year for ransomware, as it is at a 172 percent increase from what we saw in all of 2015. Cyber crime allots an estimated $445 billion each year in damages! Ammonitrix prevents such damages to your family, school, or business. It is easy, convenient, and most importantly, it’s effective!

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5,000, I will purchase additional servers to make my VPN and traffic mining server farm more stable, upgrade the overall storage capacity, and begin dedicated high-speed internet services with AT&T fiber. I will also purchase a Apple Enterprise Developers subscription, which will allow me to properly issue MDM certificates and APNS for iOS and macOS devices. A small portion of the money will to publish apps to the Android and iOS app stores.

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About Tim Powell

My name is Tim Powell, and as the Founder & CEO of Powell Labs, I have been passionate about technology, Internet, and business for my entire life. Internet technology is a focal area of my expertise, with extensive knowledge of networking, security and optimization. I've had the honor of participating in a 5X5 Night series before, and have attended Startup Weekend GR 2016. I've also been privileged to work with the Michigan SBDC on their Small Business, Big Threat cyber security initiative!

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