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An App for the Everyday Foodie

An App for the Everyday Foodie

Brandy McCallum 622 Views

The most exciting thing about my app is that I haven’t seen anything else like it and that it serves a niche group of people who love to dine out, try new restaurants and meet new people that they otherwise may not meet.  This is different from competitors in that it’s centrally focus on food and it’s not a dating app, but an exploration map in the field of connecting all that is new and exciting to patrons in one space.  The road blocks would be potential safety concerns with people meeting up with strangers.  To over come this, we would require anyone initiating a meet up do a video invite so that we know they are who they say they are; we would only allow meet ups at verified restaurant locations; and as an extra safety precaution, users can add an emergency contact number in their profile that only they can see.  For space and availability concerns, we would make max the number of people allowed to meet at five. If more, they will be prompted to call ahead.


Restaurants, Foodies and the Community all benefit from this idea.  The collaborative nature of meeting up for such a social event as dining can create business relationships, friendships and generate business for restaurants that may not have been on the radar for these foodies using the app.  The community would benefit by the job creation that would come from the development of this app.  I would need to hire, social media, marketing, a company to run the app, customer service/relations etc.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the $5,000, I would continue developing the wire-frames and user interface design for my app.  I’ve already won $1,000 from the Start Garden 100 Ideas competition and will spend $2,400 in total to get a demo ready in time for Demo Day on July 10th.  The $5,000 would also help me pull together a more comprehensive product and a marketing campaign in order to continue pitching the idea to potential investors.

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About Brandy McCallum

I'm a boomerang Grand Rapids Native. I graduated from WMU in 2008 and moved to Las Vegas 2 weeks later. I started my career working as an assistant for Floyd Mayweather then after that joined the hospitality field with MGM Resorts International, I worked in Corporate Events for Drai's Nightclub. Because of the Growth in Grand Rapids and my expertise in Hospitality I moved back to Grand Rapids in 2017 and now work for Experience GR with Conventions. I love food giving back and helping others

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