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Annie Young

Annie Young

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About a year ago, Kboose was born out of compassion and empathy and the realization that we can and should do better for the more vulnerable part of our Society.  For example no one should have to stand outside a business office in the middle of the winter in a crime-ridden neighborhood for an hour and a half waiting for their appointment because that was the only ride they could get.  Parent shouldn’t have to risk their job to pick up one of their kids from school when they’re sick or need to go home early. And quality of life activities or appointments shouldn’t be a burden to our seniors ...think about it wouldn’t it be amazing if seniors could get around as easily as those utilizing rideshares from bars.


Seniors could live at home longer-(seniors often move into retirement facilities because they stop driving)
Cost of Retirement facilities- removing the cost of transportation and utilizing Kboose; affecting the cost of insurance and liability as well as the cost of vehicles and maintenance.
Employment stability-  transporting kids during the work day. Preserving a job and a family.
Missed Doctor’s appointments -Kboose could partner with the medical community to help improve transportation.


What I Will Do With $5,000

We have 3 areas that we are seeking funds for; marketing, app development and insurance.

The 5000 would be earmarked for marketing.

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