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Apparel Academy by GR Screen Prints

Apparel Academy by GR Screen Prints

Daryle Rostic 607 Views

This idea can give people the ability to start a low cost business. They will learn some key fundamentals for starting a brand. This is also a low risk way to experiment and see if their idea is even the right business for them.

This also gives teachers (that will be contracted to teach based on their expertise) the ability to showcase their abilities to teach others the skills needed to start up a successful brand. The teachers could also make new connections through the class that may turn into potential business for them.

We’re going to teach essentials like how/where to source garments, developing a brand, understanding screen printing, embroidery and vinyl, social media tips and tricks, and more.


I feel like high school and early college students could benefit the most. From my personal experience, a lot of students I come across have super cool ideas that could turn into really awesome clothing brands, but they lack the basic knowledge on how to get started. My business could teach them those basic skills and put them on the right path to be successful.

This also benefits the teachers of the sessions to gain exposure for their expertise.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will be used for the following:

Some small, but needed renovations in the space (Inside our current screen printing shop).

Money to pay the teachers for the sessions they lead ($75-100 a session), with a plan to contract them for a year of sessions.

Supplies needed for the classes: tables, chairs, workbooks, projector, pens, paper, highlighters.

The money would also help with digital marketing and development of an e-course.

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About Daryle Rostic

I'm an entrepreneur born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm the owner of GR Screen Prints, a community screen printing shop. I also have a t-shirt line called "We Are Grand Rapids". When I'm not making shirts, I'm usually serving at my church. I'm a youth teacher, a youth ministry leader, and I also serve with our security team. I'm married to an amazing christian author (Bree) and have a young entrepreneurial son (DJ). Our family mission is simple: Make our community great.

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