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AppDoctor helps companies reach a state of proactive support. Too often do software companies release an application with issues unnoticed, only to start fixing them when users make them aware. AppDoctor gives users the tools to help proactively fix issues in your application without having your users become your beta testers.

AppDoctor allows you to test live applications periodically to make sure they are working as expected, set up rules to be notified when something does not go as expected, and have custom status pages so that your end users are not left in the dark. AppDoctor tests and rules are complex enough to cover all use cases. For example you can set up a rule to receive an email when your credit card checkout does not return a 200. Maybe you want an email when your European users get a response slower then 500ms. Truly anything is possible.

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AppDoctor will help small software companies and solo developers launch with the same quality of insight that large companies have, without having to hire a dedicated devops employee or pay large amounts of money for a custom solution. AppDoctor can help any company big or small be ahead of the curve. Getting insight into your application in a scalable way is hard. Instead of worrying about developing a solution to gain insights companies can spend more time making their products better.

What I Will Do With $5,000

AppDoctor is currently in closed beta during development and is expected to launch February of 2019. I plan to have a “grassroots bug bounty” with the amazing development community in Grand Rapids.  I plan to use the $5,000 to get shirts illustrated and printed locally as giveaway for the “grassroots bug bounty” participants . By doing this I can gain valuable feedback from the Grand Rapids community as well as keep the money local. I would like to gain valued customers locally when launching!

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About Jordan Piepkow

Full time Software developer that loves to make things in my free time. I am always on the quest to learn new things and innovate. I value the community of developers that grand rapids has to offer and hope that I am able to offer something back in return.

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