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AQUME - A Revolving Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

AQUME - A Revolving Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

Ciarra Adkins 575 Views

AQUME (ack-mee) is derived from ’ acme’ which means the highest point at which someone/something is best, perfect, or most successful. AQUME Enterprises will be a staple of black excellence in all market sectors, beginning with the food and bar industry by launching ‘AQUME’ a Revolving Restaurant and Rooftop Bar. I will be the 1st black woman owned establishment to offer fine dining and spirits within the GR, MI food and bar industry.

AQUME will be the 1st revolving restaurant/event space within GR, MI. It will become a must experience attraction and support the existing economic growth within GR,MI. Patrons will receive a dining experience like no other that includes multi-level revolving 360° views of the GR, MI skyline, live entertainment, and complimentary professional photos to commemorate their dining experience.

This endeavor is a heavy lift as it will require immense capital, approvals from government entities, support and partnerships within GR, MI to become a reality.


The impact goes far beyond being the 1st revolving restaurant in the city, anticipated economic gains or even fine dining experiences. AQUME will continue the trailblazing work of existing GR, MI minority-owned food service entities facilitate place-making within the industry for minority owners. In doing so, AQUME will train, hire and support minority talent to foster a pipeline of excellent and competitive talent within the industry while operating with community benefit as a value.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will strategically utilize the $5000 to complete essential tasks that will move this idea forward:
$2250 – Legal needs: legal business entity formation, logo development and trademark application and filing fees
$1250 – Hire SEC Crowd-funding consultant, filing fees, and start-up costs to establish a self-hosted crowdfunding website for building procurement
$750 – Hire a Real Estate Consultant
$500 – Marketing Materials
$250 – Incidental Costs

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About Ciarra Adkins

I am a licensed attorney located in GR,MI. I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, higher education, civic engagement/voting rights, & legal accessibility for low-income communities. To date, although I work in many different areas, I am most proud of the work I do to assist clients with achieving their entrepreneurial dreams – as I understand the importance of the contributions made by both small and large businesses within our community. Now it's time for me to make my dream come true!

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