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art + texture studios.

art + texture studios.

Timosha Krivtsov 1172 Views

What excites me about this idea, is the fact that this is the future of fashion. We are presenting an opportunity to break away from the traditional system, that is notorious for being the second most polluting industry. We are essentially proposing a whole new clothing system, that upon implementation, can spark a sustainably-centered revolution. We are beginning to incorporate the concept of design thinking, into an industry that has a constant need to keep up with short-term trends. We are beginning to think beyond the appearance of a garment, but rather exploring the design of the industry itself.

Our modular garment allows us to captivate our customer base, by presenting a design platform for their personal experimentation, with style. They will be able to have an ongoing opportunity to build infinite design iterations, through their daily interactions. Many brands have a predictable design approach to their products, while our product provides an entire experience for them.


To sum it up, our concepts offer a sustainable alternative to the status quo design offering within streetwear. This is because of the common practice of screen-printing designs on the same kind of silhouettes, in consistent design placements. The only change that takes place, is the swapping out of various logos. So those who find themselves buying the same kind of silhouettes, with only slight design variations, may find it more economical to invest in a highly customizable product.

What I Will Do With $5,000

materials (fabric + zippers): $2,250
Production of 50 pieces (factory minimum): $1500.
Instagram Advertisement (Test) : $140.
Instagram Advertisement Campaign(s): $1000.

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About Timosha Krivtsov

I am a very passionate, young creative journeying his way through life, trying understand the world a little bit better, every day. I invest the majority of my free time developing and experimenting with various concepts/ideas, designed to address the 'big picture' issues within the fashion industry. Intuitively, I am able to connect the dots with seemingly abstract, and unrelated concepts. I am also optimistic about the future, and see things work out, through collaboration and cooperation.

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