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ArtXchangeGR - Art Everywhere Movement

ArtXchangeGR - Art Everywhere Movement

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The Art Everywhere Movement is the most exciting opportunity to come along in Grand Rapids in quite a while.  Imagine a local artist’s artwork on display in the city’s premier hotels and in the boardrooms of local businesses throughout Grand Rapids;  imagine scanning an artwork via a smartphone from anywhere in the city and being able to purchase the artwork instantly; imagine schools and classrooms having access to the latest art technology programs like Tilt Brush. ArtXchangeGR is overcoming its funding shortage by bootstrapping.  In addition to using our own resources, the company launched its business-to-business Art Rental service on 9/4/17.  The art rental service provides our corporate members with access to high-end works of art from local, west Michigan talent at a monthly rate that is cost-effective and affordable.  Our art rental service is exclusively available to local businesses ready to integrate right brain solutions to left brain problems.


ArtXchange is poised to offer the west Michigan marketplace an all the first and only art-inclusive commercial art company.  ArtxchangeGR will provide solutions to minimize the disjointed art systems, services, and presentations in the area that make it difficult for the artist/arts to have economic sustainability.  We are also poised to help community members grow from art gawkers to educated, serious art consumers.

What I Will Do With $5,000

ArtXchangeGR will use the $5,000 to improve our tech capabilities by upgrading to a full e-commerce website.  The funds will also be used to pay attorney fees owed to Vantage 360 for services rendered in legalizing the business and drafting contracts/agreements.  Part of the funds will also be used to print and mail pitch packages to local business advertising our art rental service.

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About Steven Reynolds

As the Operations Manager for one of the youngest and most enterprising art-solutions company in West Michigan, I get to merge my love for community, my passion for the arts, and my professional training/education in business to boost Grand Rapids arts credentials. This includes overseeing the day-to-day functions of the company and managing. Essentially, I do whatever it takes to help drive a robust art-centric environment beneficial to local artists, Grand Rapids, and local businesses.

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