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ARULA Fundraising Professionals

ARULA Fundraising Professionals

Alex Koenigsberg 181 Views

Many nonprofits have realized the benefits of a consultant to help with grant readiness, fund development and trainings. However, the current model demands that nonprofits pay for these services before realizing any value from them. ARULA was founded with the idea that it is not appropriate for already burdened nonprofits to be expected to take on all the risk, while consulting agencies are guaranteed payment in full. By switching up the fee structure to be mostly dependent on success, ARULA helps the client to focus valuable resources on their important work, giving them focus and peace of mind.


The target client is any nonprofit organization who is interested in working with a fundraising professional but may not have the resources required to hire one on staff or guarantee a consultant fee. ARULA’s ability to work with the client on the fee structure will open this service to a wide array of organizations that otherwise would not have utilized a fundraising professional. This will allow existing staff the ability to focus on making a difference and not on keeping the lights on.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The prize will be used by ARULA to fund the first two necessary components of business development. First will be marketing, advertising and networking. ARULA will target area nonprofits with Facebook ads and at local events, where we will garner feedback and set follow-up appointments. We will buy business cards and brochures to hand out at these and to the public. Then we will invest in grant tracking software, video/photo editing software, and two laptops sufficient for these processes.

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